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ben davies

The founder of Fitness program and community Benzone Performance.

While Ben may look like the embodiment of high performance and success, it is the struggles he faced upon the realization that his dreams of becoming a professional footballer would never come true, the feeling of unfulfilled potential, that is the reason why he is so driven with focus and determination to help others achieve their goals and full potential.

Benzone Performance is more than just a fitness class. It is a way of life. A mentally. A community. Working together to motivate and support each other to become the best they possibly can. Benzone programme develops people just as much mentally as it does physically.

The biggest thing that scares Ben, is unfulfilled potential. Effortless is built on effort.



A dedicated life to the wellness and fitness industry. Lara promotes physical and emotional well-being, while guiding individuals to become stronger and more balanced in both their body & mind. Certified with over 500 hours of Yoga training in India and Bali, she has over 8 years of teaching and coaching experience.

It was witnessing first-hand life changing benefits from yoga practice, that motivated Lara to leave her corporate career in 2014, to fully dedicate her life to the wellness and fitness industry. She believes that people of all ages and backgrounds can experience holistic health benefits of integrated movement when practiced with consistency.

Through yoga and personal training, focused on precision and alignment, she assists, motivates and encourages each client to enhance their wellbeing their wellbeing and stay injury and pain free.