Unlock and release any limiting beliefs and learn valuable techniques to allow you to live life to your full potential.

Guided by our health & life coach Danielle Fran├žoise. Including a journalling release ritual and card pull.

Danielle Fran├žoise

Danielle is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Transformational Life Coach from London. Her interest in the wellness space has come from personal experience and dedicating the last 20 years to healing her own
body and mind. Suffering from anxiety, depression, alopecia, PTSD, insomnia, IBS, skin issues, negative thoughts and a lack of self worth, Danielle has completely transformed her own life, which naturally led to a
true passion for helping others to heal and thrive.

An inspiring, relatable and supportive coach who will guide you through your own journey to help you learn.

valuable tools that will increase your mental and physical wellbeing.

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