the founder | dominique laird

Founder of the region’s most innovative wellness destination and Creative Director of multi-award-winning hospitality powerhouse Solutions Leisure Group, Dominique Laird is a woman to watch.

A concept curated as a result of Dom’s life-long struggle with self-worth and value, Blended Wellness aims to redefine the meaning of ‘standards’ across the globe, celebrating the notion of one being, simply, enough.

Because Dom’s life has not been without struggle. A scholarship artist at the prestigious UK Musical Theater college, Laine Theater Art, dancer and international hair and makeup artist, staging shows and catwalks around the world, at 16, she was on the fast-track to relinquishing her dreams of performing professionally. However, the undeniable, unattainable pressures of the industry she loved so much were darker than anyone could imagine, and Dom’s mental health deteriorated.

Relocating to Dubai in 2016 to join Solution Leisure Group as Entertainment Manager, Dom found herself again. Her journey to find who she is, today, has achieved superior mental and physical clarity. In 2020, she envisioned a safe space of support, love, authenticity and belief. A space of deliberate choice to simply be you.

about blended

Trailblazing the wellness industry. Blended is here to disrupt and lead a new generation. A one-of-a-kind destination, combining inner health, fitness, and beauty to create an unparalleled experience like never before. Situated on the golden shores of the Palm Jumeirah, Blended represents a journey that ignites authenticity, and the confidence to be you.

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